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Mounting tolerance mismatch


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
This was a weird one.....

PS Full back.jpg

PS closeup.jpg

I spent about 15 minutes looking at this and trying different combinations, but this was ultimately the only way I could get this CX 500 mounted in the Azza case I've had kicking around for quite a while.

Top full image shows that the mounting holes line up, and attempting to install the PSU right side up has zero matching mounting holes so this is the way it's supposed to be.... Moving on to the second image (closeup) you'll see that the lip of the power connector body is over the edge of the case mount by about 1mm. I was initially thinking that I'd have to file down the case mount edge, but I got sneaky and removed the screws off of the power connector body so that I could pull it out in order to get it over the case mount and then re-secured the screws.

Woe be to the poor soul who trying to remove the PSU in the future (it's going to a family member so it'll likely be me anyways). I imagine there'll be some choice words for me when they finally figure out why the power supply won't come out. :)

If I had to guess as to why/how this happened, I'd guess that both the case and the PSU were designed with the mount/connector right on the outer edge of the design spec, and that one (or both) are outside of tolerance.

edit: Or it's always possible that I was missing something obvious and I'm due for a "Stimpy you idddeeeeooott!" moment. :)

Mr. Friendly

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Nov 21, 2007
British Columbia
it is annoying when that happens, eh? I remember once, quite some time ago, I had that with HDD's and some removable cages. might have been my Antec Sonata...so a looong some time ago, LoL!

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