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mSATA 120GB recommendations.


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Jul 8, 2009
Edmonton, AB
I've been eyeing a little project for a while now, and have most of my parts and ideas figured out, but one thing I'm not certain on is the drive I'm using. I'll most likely be using a mSATA SSD around 120gb, and my first thoughts are either a
Mushkin Enhanced Atlas Series MKNSSDAT120GB-V 120GB
Crucial M500 120GB SATA mSATA
Intel 525 Series Lincoln Crest SSDMCEAC120B301 mSATA

I know the Intels have a good rep, and the original non-mSATA M500s are well reagarded. I did find one review on the Mushkin that sang high praises, but it didn't offer any comparative results with other msata drives so it's of limited use.

What's people's thoughts on the 3 drives? Is any company much better with RMA than the others (I've never RMA'd with any of them)? I haven't seen a m500 msata review, but it looks like the conroller and speeds are the same as the 2.5" so I imagine it should be pretty much equivalent. But if I'm totally wrong on that, please let me know.

I've never had Mushkin products, but it's 20-30 bucks cheaper than either of the other two on most sites, so I'm certainly willing to take a serious look at it.


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