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MXq s805


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Jan 14, 2012
Nova Scotia
Hi All,
Not entirely sure if I have this in the correct section so please move if need be lol.
(More importantly you'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge with android boxes and the like so bare with me if I sound like a grandparent trying to use an iphone for the first time :thumb:)

I've recently obtained an MXq s805 android box from a friend who I did some PC work for him in exchange.
It's running Kodi - not sure which version exactly but it says its up to date. From what I can gather, everything works as intended with the exception of random "crashing"

In the middle of playback it will just shut off completely and re-start out of no where and there really isn't anything that I can tell is triggering it.
-It can happen within seconds of starting, or it will run fine with no issues for 10-15-25 mins.
-Sometimes it only does it 2 times in the course of 2hrs..last night it took for 15 mins of constant restarting to start my show(5 restarts)
-It happens regardless of content(Movies,Shows,Trailers)

I googled a bit and checked some video settings and networking settings but keeping in mind that my google results are only as good as the question I ask - maybe i'm asking the wrong question lol.

I would like to think that I've only ever used the app "showbox" on the device and it could be the issue but the app is up-to-date and last night it was restarting before opening the app so I feel like it's more OS/Device issues than any in-app issues.

I really like the concept of the device and even though my experience with it isn't the greatest with the crashes - if I could get it working correctly i'd be happy with it since I can watch alot of show series that aren't on our apple TV or Roku TV aswell as movies that are new/in theaters still(Spiderman/Wonderwomen)

In the event I can't get it to work, does anyone have any suggestions on another alternative that is similar is offerings and is not an HTPC?(tv shows, movies, netflix, youtube,(maybe social media for the wife)



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Apr 22, 2011
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