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My journey to !nverse


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Feb 5, 2017
Hey everyone, today I want to bring you a project that is very dear to me: the !nverse small form factor case. I have actually posted a topic about this case previously, but it's been a while since I updated it, so I decided to create a new thread. I have continued to work on it in the past two years, and have gotten many prototypes made. Hope you guys like it!

Shaped by the ethos of fitting the most performance and versatility into the smallest amount of space, !nverse is a ~10L computer case that can accommodate a full-length graphics card, a 240mm closed-loop liquid cooler, 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives, and a SFX power supply. Its versatile internal layout accommodates hard-core gamers, enthusiasts enamored with water cooling, media hoarders looking to create their own home theater, and anyone in between. Its smooth yet eye-catching exterior will blend into and enhance any desktop or home theater setup.

The graphics card was stress-tested with Unigine Valley while the CPU was stress-tested with prime95. Under these conditions, the maximum GPU temperature is about 80 degrees Celcius while the maximum CPU temperature (4-core average) is about 83 degrees. These temperatures are only about 5-8 degrees higher than if the components were tested in open air (no case at all to interfere with airflow). !nverse is not only the smallest case design that can house these components, but also one of the best performing.

For the detailed thermal test, check out our test write-up!

$129 is the planned price. Tom's hardware had a great coverage of it.

If anyone is interested in learning more details about this project, feel free to PM me! Thanks for reading!

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