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Completed my leo build


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May 26, 2010

Thought I'd put some notes here so your thread doesn't look so bare with some advice. As I noted in your other thread... Actually just copy and paste it.

Nice build... But I would highly recommend you turn your CPU heatsink 90 degrees so the airflow from the fans gets shot straight out the back. This will give a more unrestricted airflow for the CPU heatsink fan.. Also because the air that the CPU is taking in with that setup is right above the graphics card (which kicks back a lot of heat, even from the top side of it) it's cooling efficiency will be considerably reduced, because of how hot the graphics card can get. So the air it's taking in will already be warmer than it would be if you rotated the heatsink to the correct direction. This will be especially important considering you're planning to overclock it.

Now for the second piece of advice. Looking at the picture above, I notice your PSU is upside down. This confused me because I thought your case to have a proper grill on the bottom specifically for your PSU fan. So I dug online to find a pic of your case's internal layout.

Here it is:


Found on Tech PowerUp

As you can see from the photo, your case has a proper grill for PSU airflow. I would recommend flipping your PSU to the correct orientation as the way you have placed now is in contradiction to your case's air flow. The fan on your PSU is set to suck air in to the PSU, not blow it out. In other words, PSU Fans suck air in from fan and blow out through back of PSU. The way you have your PSU set right now (while not majorly) could in theory interfere with the airflow to your GFX card. I would recommend flipping it to it's correct orientation.

Other than those two concerns, great job so far.


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Sep 5, 2008
Both those suggestions are great. The heatsink will perform MUCH better with it rotated, just due to the fact that it's not sucking the graphic card's heat in. The power supply is less of an issue, but having the fan pointing down will let it breathe cool air from the bottom.


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May 8, 2010
sorry for the 1month and half of no response been working and gaming mostly and missed your posts sorry about that:/
but thanks guys! i did the 2 things nick said and yet again my cpu went down in temperature!
thanks guys!!
(at firs ti thought i wasn't going to be able to fit the screws in because they where parallel to each other... but then i saw the unisversal design :p)