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My old HP Tablet digitizer broken?


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Dec 1, 2011
GTA, Ontario, Canada
A common complaint of the HP ProTablet G1 610 was the digitizer not working at times.

I figured out I fixed it by securing the ribbon cable internally with foam tape to hold it. It worked for weeks sometime. Which isn’t that great lol.

I use the tablet as a kitchen go to PC now because I think it goes wonky if moved around too much making me open it up and clean and secure it again.

After a Windows 10 update that lasted a while the digitizer stopped working again even if I clean and resecured the ribbon cable...

The power button doesn’t work normally no more to put it in sleep mode.... I have a feeling the Windows 10 update that was released recently did something. So later when I get time I am going to reinstall Windows again fro a old ISO of Windows 10.... or maybe 8.1 that it shipped with.... I am not sure what’s up with it this time.

It is still a speedy tablet for everything I do with it but shoddy HP design lol.