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Need help finding stable Catalyst drivers!

Keltron 3030

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Mar 18, 2010
Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland
Title should say it all really. I've been looking for some stable drivers for my Crossfired 4890's. I was using 10.4, and it was very stable, but I came across an issue in Starcraft II which caused some image stuttering. I've tried using 10.7 and 10.8, but both would crash on me after 30 mins max of game play. Also tried 11.4, but they were even worse (ex: Couldn't even make it through the Main Menu of Dirt 2 without a crash).

Also, I know this is a driver issue because it would say in the BSOD something along the lines of "Drivers tried to reset", and when running a search after crash for a solution, it would say it was a driver problem :sad:

Also, if it helps, some of the other games I frequently play include:

Starcraft II (as mentioned)
Dirt 2
Valve games (TF2, L4D Series, etc...)
Street Fighter 4

All help is greatly appreciated you guys! Thanks in advance!

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