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Need help with hwbot country cup (gpupi)


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Oct 5, 2012
Kingston, Ontario
Any folders with multiple 290x willing to help out in the HWBOt country cup by submitting a gpupi 32B score?

We (Canada) are competiting with the rest of the world for overclocki g and benching from Nov 1 - Dec 20, 2015.

Competition link:
OC eSports

The download link for gpupi version 2.2 is below:

You may need to install Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013 if for some reason the bench doesn't start.

Best trick to do well on this benchmark is to disable crossfire/SLI and find you max overclock for each card individually using the gpupi 1B benchmark (takes about 5 seconds to run).
If the software stop and gives an error then you need to reduce clocks by 10mhz or so until no more errors occur and you successfully do the 20 loops.

Once you find the max clocks for each card and you pass successfully then lower the clocks about 20 MHz and run the gpupi 32B version (should take about 5 minutes to do).

Once you have a successful run you need to submit your score here by creating an hwbot account if you haven't already done so:
OC eSports

The submission screenshot needs to show gpuz, cpuz, your gpupi score and the competition background found here:

In the end the submission should look like this:

So most of us Canadians have 1-2 gpus for this bench and many other countries are submitting score from mining rigs with up to 8x gpus and absolutely hurting us here in this stage of the competition.

If you have any questions I can help out and really appreciate the time your taking to help out!
We are a group of about 10 Canadians who are submitting in this contest and last year we were #22 but this year we are aiming for top 5.

Also this week-end coming up me and a few others are gathering in Barrie, ON to push our rigs on liquid nitrogen cooling for the cpu, gpus and memory and will try to get some great benchmark scores for this competition.

Should be fun

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