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Need info Re: will a 3.0 PCIe GPU card work in an older 2.0 PCIe motherboard???


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May 31, 2009
You can overclock your CPU also.

Edit: Take look at Kijij fore 24 GB of DDR3 or even 8 gig sticks it helps allot.
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Dec 29, 2019
Yeah I tried the BIOS 3.7 Ghz crazy preset for my CPU but I believe that throttled the situation!....BADLY
No way was I going to try the Crazy 4.0 Ghz preset! I was planing to manually tweak an overclock to around 3.45 Ghz when I had some time but now I don't think I need to? More RAM......you bet ya on my new build!


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Jun 4, 2012
Presets are just too get you going in the right direction, you should follow a guide when overclocking 1366 platform , using such things as presets nothing in the world is so easy its been awhile since i oc'd that platform but google will help you, their are some magic ratios you need to follow also if i remember correctly regarding voltage.

Your chip with a decent air cooler should manage 3.8-4.0 without huge issues some push into 4.2+ but i couldn't on mine.

This all said , like others said you will be somewhat CPU bound but i also think you might be surprised at how little.
You will have more FPS on modern CPU's but it will still be within like 20 fps and considering the gains you get from the GPU upgrade it will still be huge gains.

PCI-e x2 is somewhat old now but again at 16x it still gets alot of the bandwidth you need on some of the higher end gpu's it would start to bottleneck im not sure about a 1660 ti however it might be slightly bottlenecked.

I have a 930 I7 unit i loaned to a friend and just going from a 680 GTX to a 1070 GTX still yielded large gains in fps basically 2x(usually about double the fps) to 3x the fps depending on games played.

obviously a 1366 I7 isn't ideal but it will still be quite playable , as others said id run atleast 24gb memory since your on triple channel 3x 8gb kits
I dont think you can run the memory much past 1866 if i remember correctly. most ran tight timing 1600's

good luck

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