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need to get rid of router, any requirement i need to do?


Aug 1, 2010
"make sure you're not using the factory default password and WAN (internet) access to the management/setup console is disabled."

access to the management/setup console is disabled? i hard to understand. are you saying make sure the management/setup console is disabled? so make sure the wan access management/setup console is disabled?

and yeah i just reset the little pin point reset button on the router and ready to return.

a quick stand-alone question:
what happend if we press the reset button on the modem? (not router) if i press the reset on the modem, does it make my modem not to work? gotta call isp to reactivate it? i just need to know what happend if i press it..... cause the answer determine weather should i do it or not cause i need to pin point a problem. so yeah what happends if i reset the modem? do i need to call isp to reactivate once i reset modem?

First question: What is the type of your connection? is it a DSL, Cable, T1, Fiber Optic?

if it is a DSL connection, try to check first if you can access the internet using the pc directly connected to the modem.
Access the internet through the modem? YES = you can just plug your old router and it should work fine [unless the WAN IP segment designated on your area has been changed]

if it is a cable connection, hard reset the router then perform MAC address Spoofing.

2nd question, what is the model number of the new router and the old router?
3rd question, removing the router will do nothing on your security/passwords etc. you'll just lose the routing capability and wireless connection [if it is a wireless router]

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