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Network/Blue Tooth security Questions


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Nov 24, 2009
Sydney, Australia
Hello all just a few questions about my Network security.

I have a BlueTooth USB Device connected to my computer so I can put media on my phone ect.. and I also have my computer set up so that Windows Media Player is sharing my Pictures, Videos, Music and Document folders, now I don't have a wireless card on my computer just a LAN cable connected to my Router and then to my PlayStation 3 So I can watch movies and listen to music in my lounge room through my PS3.

I was wondering if this means my Router sends a wireless signal out so that other people can access it, I have always thought that my router would not do that it would just bounce the media from my computers LAN cable through it to my PS3's LAN cable so I can watch media on my TV.

Same thing with BlueTooth I have set up a password for that so I am not too worried about it but my PS3 can just access my computer without a password or anything.

So can my neighbours access my computer just as easily? is there a way for me to set up a password?

As always thanks for any support.

Have a good day.

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