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New 120mm fan for Evo 212, and new fans for PC.


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Mar 8, 2009
Hi, I just got a Phantek P400s, and I am looking for some extra case fans. Before I had a HAF 912, and I used its stock fans for years without issues, but I would like to try something new now.

Ideally, I would like to stay with the stock fans my case currently has, and add maybe 1 or 2 to the front, and 2 at the top. I am hoping to see some decent temps reduction on my CPU and GPU , while not breaking the bank. Also, I would like them to have some LEDs on if possible, preferably red ones.

I am not too familiar with fan set ups, so I would like advice on where to place them. I have heard of push/pull, and I have an idea of what it is, but I would like some clarification on and ideas from the community.

I am also looking to replace the stock fan on the Evo 212 with a better one as well, preferably one with an LED too.

Another thing, the back of my case is probably around 440mm away from the wall, the side is around 240mm form the wall, and the top of the case is around 440mm from my desk.

What are your thoughts?

One thing I forgot to mention, the case allows me to control the speed on the default fan with a button it has, if I were to purchase new ones would they work with that as well? If so, would I need to buy the cables below to make that work?

Phanteks Model PH-CB-Y3P 4.3” ( 110mm ) 3 Pin Y Splitter Fan Cable - Newegg.ca
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Sep 26, 2015
NF-S12B is a 120mm that I've used both as a case fan and CPU fan replacement. Solid fan, and fairly cheap compared to others. No leds on it.

New fans would work with the existing fan controller. As far as hooking up more than one fan, you might need to get the splitter? I've no problem hooking multiple fans up to a single fan controller, but that can really depend. I'd suggest eBay for splitters. I've had good deals there, and $6.99 + sh is a rip for a fan splitter.

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