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NEW AMD Threadripper 3995WX Coming Next Week!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with AMD ! So Threadripper has been doing its thing for a while. We got the 24 and 32 core models last year and AMD introduced the 64 core monster this year. In terms of motherboards… we got the TRX40 chipset. But last year, there were other leaked boards that never made it to fruition. The TRX80 and sWRX80. Were these just a myth? Well maybe not.

This week HXL on twitter uncovered a picture from the ChipHell forum of a new AMD Threadripper chip. Its called the Threadripper pro 3995WX. By the naming scheme, it should be a 64 core cpu, with of course the benefits of the AMD “Pro” series. What are these benefits? Well besides the usual longer warranty, higher silicon quality, and better support from the company. Threadripper pro would apparently feature 8 channel memory and up to 2TB of capacity for said memory. Right now, the maximum that Threadripper supports is quad-channel memory and 256GB of memory.

Now you might think that its overkill, but a lot of content creators actually had to upgrade to epyc systems because of these constraints and had to deal with the lower clock speeds. With Threadripper pro, that wouldn’t be a problem thanks to the higher clocks. These features match the WRX8 or TRX80 sockets that we heard about last year. Apparently, these are to be introduced next week on July 14th but as with anything that comes from ChipHell, a dose of salt is recommended.