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Completed New case: NZXT LEXA S


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May 30, 2010
So I was bored...decided to get a new case...btway, check-out my BST thread, for my Antec 900 if interested...

Overall, I was real pleased with the case.

I managed to route the wires real well, but it was tough closing the mobo side-panel, with all those cables crammed there. Sexy, sexy, sexy black interior is a big bonus for me, along with the tinted window. Front panel LED lights are not too blinding either, so that's a plus.

Came with the front, side, rear, and top fans, woot! For the extra top fan, I'm just using the Arctic Cooling F12 PWM, and the system is idling at 36C (CPU) and 40C (mobo), according to ASUS PC-Probe. I also love the fan-filters for the front fan, and PSU.

Very, very, very quiet...well, at minimum fan-speeds (yes, it comes with fan-controllers). The rubber feet are also a plus in keeping it quiet. When the fans are spinning at max, it's louder, but still not too loud (you can't hear it if your speakers are blasting during a game, like if you were playing NFS Shift, and all you hear are your tires screeching, and your engine roaring, and the music pumpin').

The thing has a good build, and is heavy. Not as heavy as the Antec 900, but sturdy enough to hold its own. Helps that the PSU is bottom-mounted as well, sucking in air externally.

Installation, a breeze, if you don't worry about messy cables (it took me literally less than 10 seconds to install the HDD with the sliding-rail thingy, and less than 30 seconds to install the optical drive with the thumbscrews). But, I worry about messy cables, it keeps me up at night. So, it took me hours to install everything and route the cables the way I liked them.

The external usb/eSata/audio had long and sleeved wires with no problems reaching the mobo connectors. The power/reset/hdd-led wires were also long enough, but none were sleeved, and so I sleeved them to the best of my abilities. The fans' wires were all really long, and so it gave me plenty of routing options, but again, none were sleeved as well, so I sleeved them also.

Spacious interior. I could fit my HD4860 with room to spare. Also, my Hyper 212+ had no clearance issues whatsoever, never touching the window panel, nor the top fans, sitting vertically, moving air front to rear.

One thing that annoyed me, was getting the fan-controllers to work, as the manual was pure crap and utterly useless. I had to watch a youtube video, and find-out what the heck I was doing wrong. After that, it was smooth sailing.


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Apr 13, 2010
Nice build! I too am kept up at night by messy cables. my Antec 300 has been modded to accomodate this but ive added so many extra parts it sa rats nest again.

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