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Mar 10, 2014
Nova Scotia
Suggestion. Might be only me that uses the site this way, but I'll suggest it anyway.

I like to at least see all new content. So by the time I finish a site visit, all content is considered read for my account. The way I interact with the site is to click the drop down for What's New in the top bar menu, then select New Posts. That gives me all unread posts for my account, updating each time I access a post and then the menu item again, until I can work my way down to all forum posts read or mark them read if they're not something I am following. Just pressing What's New at the top level, does something similar, but not the same. It seems to leave in some read posts, and doesn't pick up older ones I haven't read. Maybe it is date-based? Not sure. I haven't probed too deeply.

I'm wondering if clicking the top level What's New could do what the lower level menu item New Posts does; i.e. loads all my unread threads.

This would be even more helpful on mobile as navigating the menu is more cumbersome (that and the fact that you open the menu on mobile on the right, but the menu opens on the left... but that's a separate oddity).

Anyway, totally self-serving for how I like to use the site. But nothing ventured nothing gained! ;)


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
Not sure I understand what you're looking for.....

I never use the "what's new", I always select "forums" and then "new posts" from the second menu layer of the forum's front page. That continues to spit out posts that I haven't seen until I've had a chance to see them all.


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May 15, 2012
Surrey, BC
I have never used “what’s new”.

I just click new posts.


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