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New GPU3/Fermi Project 6806 + New Benchmarking GPU


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Feb 19, 2008
Aylmer QC.
For those interested I've added the full specs of the rig used for GPU3 benchmarking to the original post along with a link to the specs of the other benchmarking machines used by Stanford...


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Dec 9, 2006
Moncton NB
It should also be noted (slightly off topic, but folks might start looking here first because of the new WUs) that stanford is going to be doing server maintenance over the next week or two, so expect to see some idle clients from time to time. There have also been reports of data being turned in without credit, and it looks like they don't have the information available to re-credit.

I guess we'll just have to grin and bare it..... ;)

[email protected]
Hey, I wonder if any of you motherfolders who have gpus folding the new P6806s can check and see if your points are updating. My 2 gtx480s have been chewing through WUs since yesterday, but as you can see no points have been given. Started using FAH GPU Tracker V2 a week ago, have no idea if that has caused some sort of problem... can't imagine how, 6800s were fine.

Also saw a post on Ncix forum saying Stanford was warning servers would be down for maintenance:

"Tomorrow and over the holidays there will be a few wu shortages and the servers will go down for maintenance. They should be brief and not too much to worry about though.

From Stanford:
We've been working to try to minimize the effect of the server room maintenance coming up tomorrow. Since this is our main room, FAH will be stretched pretty thin during the outage and we expect there will be WU shortages. Also, clients will not be able to send WUs back to servers that will be unavailable during the outage.

However, some good news is that we have been able to get power to a few key machines so the stats and web page should be up as well as most of the key servers. If you have trouble getting or returning WUs tomorrow, please just wait it out until we get a chance to get everything back on line."
As I indicated above, there have been some problems over the last few days both with getting WUs, and with points not being awarded when the data is uploaded. Not much we can do other than grit our teeth, and realise that all folders are likely in the same boat.

As far as the new WUs go... strangely enough, it appears that my lower clocked cards are seeing a much bigger improvement than the higher clocked ones. The cards clocked at 950 are seeing about 300 PPD boost, while the one clocked at 975 appears to only be getting about 200 PPD extra. Overall, it looks like about 800 - 900 PPD improvement overall (4 X GTS 450) when compared to the 6800 WUs.


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Dec 3, 2008
Boucherville / South shore of MTL
MY GTX460 oc at 870/1740/1910 on that P6806 doing 12k.

Project ID: 6806
Credit: 1348
Frames: 100

Name: GTX 460
Path: S:\[email protected]\
Number of Frames Observed: 300
Min. Time / Frame : 00:01:35 - 12 259,7 PPD
Avg. Time / Frame : 00:01:36 - 12 132,0 PPD
Cur. Time / Frame : 00:01:37 - 12 006,9 PPD
R3F. Time / Frame : 00:01:37 - 12 006,9 PPD
All Time / Frame : 00:01:36 - 12 132,0 PPD
Eff. Time / Frame : 00:01:37 - 12 006,9 PPD


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Jul 12, 2008
GTA, Ontario
Getting 10K on 6806 on two stock 460s.

And yes, no ATI love on GPU3, and I am not confident that the new 69XX series will help much.


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Sep 1, 2009
Halifax, NS
It's about time you get some Folding done...:bleh:
oh burn.

For once, i'm not terribly saddened that some WUs will be few and far between - i'm about to tear apart my folding farm, and moving motherboards and whatnot around between cases.. and rebuilding some cooling solutions over the next week or so. I was kind of worries about PPD loss, and trying to figure out the best way to do this slowly.. but I think it'll be one huge teardown (etc).

PPD will suffer, but in the end it will be worth it, as I wont have a huge colossal ATCS 840 humming away on my desk, and things will require less maintenance.

And more on topic - the 6806 GPU3 WU I was chugging away at on my GTX 480 SC was @ 14,400 PPD stock.. at about 30% I rebooted my box and installed an MSI GTX 580, which, after 20 or so frames was reporting 16,800 PPD. Whoop.
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