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New HCF folding members please post here for intro and tag requests!


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Mar 16, 2007
Ottawa Valley, Ontario
Long story short I will be heating my home for the upcoming winter exclusively with FAH, Mining and solar power. It's a TINY place but some big numbers are in the works! I updated my PC with a pair of 290X's and a car radiator (after a LONG time of talking about it). Before winter I expect to build a 2nd and 3rd rig with MAXIMUM PPD and K/Hash PER WATT being the most important factor by far. My roof has limited room for solar but we shall see what I can manage... My current goal for FAH? Before the end of 2017 I want to be atop the HWC Folding team!

My FAH name is Matty_Dies and I would appreciate one of those fancy folding ribbons when someone gets the chance. No rush... I'll be around for a while:bananafunky:


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Mar 19, 2007
sweenytodd ,

I have re-asked for tags.

I'm sure there are others who deserve em now too ,
Speak up people !!

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