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new motherboard + refurbished motherboard


Feb 17, 2010
okay so i bought the 800d corsair case. installed my old motherboard while i waited for my new b3 reversion board. when i received it found it was refurbished. just used stock cooling (as i haven't had time to install my liquid cooling set up in this new case). i left for work got a phone call a couple hours later saying my computer just shut off and wont' turn back on(brother inlaw was playing the sims). kinda just blinks on and off sounds like its trying to start. so i called asus and went thru the whole trouble shooting thing and they said i would have rma it. so i said okay arranged etc. found out its going to be a long f-ing wait so i decided to just order a new board and sell that rma'ed board to someone when i get it back. just got my new gigabyte Z77x ud5h installed everything. turned it on and just a incomplete 0 shows up in the debug led. so im thinking that asus board fried my cpu. i tried the single ram stick different power supply etc on both boards. both acting the same. so has to be the CPU right. or do I have 2 faulty motherboards??
its a 2600k since i was using stock cooler i didn't overclock at all.

also I used a motherboard speaker got 2 beeps then a third beep just before it goes off. they were like the speaker got power and then lost power not a real beep.(i tested the speaker on a different comp and it beeped properly so not the speaker).

just tried the on the cardboard box with both motherboards no change. the asus board just blinks its leds and goes off the gigabyte board fans start then partial 0 comes on then it restarts and repeats. so cpu dead ??? btw cpu warms on gigabyte board but not on asus board. should i order a new cpu or should i order another mobo and send this one back?
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