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New problem... Any ideas? .... :)


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Apr 7, 2009
Have you changed anything in the computer lately, maybe there is a shortage somewhere on the mobo?


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Jun 11, 2008
Sechelt, British Columbia
I just got home from work, thanks for all the replies everyone.

The comp is still running, hasnt froze up again all day. Gonna try and run a memtest on each stick of ram and see if they all check out since it worked again after I took them out and put them back in.

TimTheEnchanter - About 3ish weeks ago I bought a new power supply for her comp and installed the second 8800GT. It hasnt had any problems since then, other then running a little bogged down but she is loooong overdue for a reformat imo. Havent noticed much of an fps increase in the game she plays (Everquest 2) but I suspect shes bottlenecked at the cpu as EQ2 is fairly processor dependent. Installing the SLI in her comp was more of a fun project then viable upgrade anyway.

trayton - No I havent tried the "long" reset yet, was wondering if that would be a good option here. Im going to try that as well.

So Im going to:

1 - Run the memtests
2 - Try the "long" restart.
3 - Back up her pics/music/favorites and reformat her machine on saturday.

Hopefully those steps reveal the culprit and make it run smoother. Thanks for all the replies and tips... the HWC community rocks :punk: