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New router, DIY or buy and Tomato?


Jun 29, 2012
i have heard that before, i would avoid any kind of overclocking or more power to the antennas:)
Too late, stock is 80MW for both 2.4 and 5GHz, I left 5 alone but upped 2.4GHz to 100 pretty much right away! I wish i hadn't lost my :censored: cellphone, I had a cool wifi scanning tool that could tell me how the power is.

now that you have one, does the stock firmware have ip bandwidth usage reporting?
Doesn't seem to, no. I haven't upgraded the firmware to Asus' newest so maybe that's part of their upgrade, or maybe they haven't gotten that far yet.

also, if your feeling brave. Asuswrt-Merlin - Custom firmware for RT-AC66U - SmallNetBuilder Forums

looks like its a modified version of the stock firmware so it should still have all the asus enhancements still there.

i think i am still going to grab the ac66 by the 23rd when i get switched over to teksavvy.

edit: wrong link, meant this one. Asuswrt-Merlin - custom build of the Asus RT-N66U firmware - SmallNetBuilder Forums
Another new one, I'll read what it's about, thanks NiteOwl! :punk:


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Nov 19, 2012
RT-AC66U 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless-AC1750 Gigabit Router

Will the AC66U connect directly to techsavvy or do I need a modem attached to it?