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New System Build


Jun 12, 2007
Well this is my first time building a computer and I though I picked good parts, but I'm just not getting the performance I've read about from reviews...

Heres the parts I've got:

Case: Antec Gamer Series 900 (Could use some help with cable management I'll show you pic how bad mine is)

Motherboard: XFX nForce 650i Ultra
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E600 @ 2.4 GHz (need help on overclocking :) )
Memory: OCZ Gold XTC PC2-6400 2GB 2X1GB DDR2-800 CL5-5-5-12 Dual Channel Memory Kit ( I put them in slot 1 and 3 of mobo, pretty sure thats dual channel)
Then I got 1 stick of a 2 stick set of 2 GB RAM. Its Patriot DDR2-800 Performance ram(Whole mess up with seller and got 1 performance ram and 1 stick value ram) I have all 4 ram sticks installed So 4 GB RAM.
Video Card: XFX nVidia 8800 GTS Extreme Edition (320 MB)
CPU Cooler: Thermalright ULTRA-120 Extreme
HardDrive: Seagate Baracudda 7200 RPM SATA-2 500 GB

Well firstly I am getting the ram stick replaced so Its the proper dual channel Kit soon. Antoher thing is that windows tells me I only have 2.75 GB of RAM? PC Wizard says 4 GB. Its weird. My pc performance is bad on start up because of my keyboard Logitech G11 is incompatible somehow with a program I use, Ventrilo (VoIP) and I have to reconnect my keyboard for better performance. I thought that my rig should be able to handle most games at 1280X1024 res at max graphics. Guildwars, WoW, Most FPS games at some parts dorps me into low 30's and sometimes lower. Even after I bought my CPU Heatsink, I thought the temps of my cpu would lower. They only lowered about 3 degrees C. Kinda weird. I'm pretty sure everything is wired up right but my PSU is a cheap 550W CoolMaster and I was wondering if that could decrease performance somehow because I have alot of stuff in case not to mention 6 case fans (not including PSU, Vid card, and CPU fan).

I Also would like to know really if theres anything that can help me with cable management because my case is a BIG mess. I'll get a picture later :)

All I can think of ATM, I'm off to work. Thanks to anyone that tries to help me :D


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Feb 3, 2007
Lindsay, Ontario
Scrap that power supply just because when you fry it with those high power draw parts it will fry them too.

As for the ram cound, that sounds normal if you have a 32-bit OS.

As for the Antec 900, I have one and they suck for wire/cable management.


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Apr 5, 2007
Annapolis Valley, NS
second that

You should be able to get your hands on a nice psu for $110-130...gamexstream, corsair 620 reviewed here and some others listed on the site.

Also have you mixed two different makes of RAM together?
Ive also read that 2gb in dual channel is better as 4gb would force the mem to 2T (well for DDR anyway). If youve got XP only 3gb is recognized.
Have a look at how it performs with 2gb for now...but switch the psu out first to be careful.

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