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New System! :)


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Aug 30, 2007
London, Ontario
Woot woot, so my new system arrived. Thankfully DC managed not to forget anything too. :) I will be putting it all together over the next few days (going to do it with my dad, so we have a little project together ... and I just had a quick question before we begin.

We are doing it on our dinning room table since there is good lighting and lots of space there. It's a wooden table. I would like to put down a table cloth so we aren't scratching the table at all and so the hardware is resting on a softer surface than just a hard table, but is that a bad idea due to static or the cloth latching on to things (the bottom of the motherboard or video card for example)?

Thanks in advance, I'll keep you all posted on the build and how it goes. Will try to take some pictures along the way also. :)


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May 22, 2007
Bedford QC
Just be careful with your clothing, wear shoes, and always touch a metal part of the case to discharge static electricity (the mobo stand-offs, for example) before handling parts.

I've built many, many rigs and never, ever had any problems with static electricity. Only once I had a discharge on a 680i mobo, with no problems later (I was wearing wool socks on a carpet... stupid me).

Don't forget to take pics!