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New "tester build"


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Aug 19, 2008

So, with DDR3 prices coming down etc... I have been itching to build a new "tester" system as my confidence in Crucial has gone down the drain.

The idea: Cheapest processor to go as fast as possible with current liquid loop.

Main purpose: Test out Mushkin to see if I will use them for now on as a RAM supplier.

Current idea for parts:
CPU: E5200 (Upgrade from a E2160)
Mobo: Rampage Formula (Upgrade from DS3L)
RAM: Mushkin Ascent PC2-8500 (From Ballistix PC2-6400)
GPU: 9600 GT (At first, will be grabbing 2x 4870's as soon as cash flow picks up again)
Case: Tagan Black Pearl (From P182)
Hard drives: I am think 4 Seagate 7200.11 640 GB Drives, 3 in a RAID 5, the other as a single drive (I have a 1.2 TB Server for backup currently, drive failure is a moot point right now)
Cooling: Will be using my current MCP-655, MCW30, and maybe my GTX (Might grab a GTZ). I do have a waterblock on my current 9600, will not be kept when I go to 4870's though. I may do a dual rad/dual loop with one of those new reservoir's that the MCP-655 attaches to and has dual inlet/outlets, still not positive though.

I basically want to try out some Mushkin and Asus parts to see how they stand before building my next rig. I do have a crosshair in my server right now. It was not an impressive board and after using it I do not see why I paid so much for it at the time. I have heard good things about the P4x Asus boards so I think it is time for a second Asus foray. I have never used Mushkin and for my past 2 builds or so I have been using Crucial Ballistix (Tracer in one) and I have killed off every kit. All of the kits could not be RMA'ed as I had increased the clock speeds beyond their "data sheets".

Any ideas? pointers? Suggestions? Comments?

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