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Nividia RTX 3060 Benchmarked! Both in Gaming and Mining!


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Folding Team
Oct 2, 2006

I’ve been talking about it for a while but a little reminder this Thursday is supposed to be when NVIDIA launches their RTX 3060 for $329 and unfortunately, you probably wont find it at this price thanks to Tariffs, scalpers and because board partners mostly launch their super premium versions for way too much money. Heck, there have been reports that the RTX 3060 is already market up at sone undisclosed US retailers. Look at that, 515$ for a Gaming X Trio, that’s insanity.

Anyways, Last week we were told that the card’s gonna be no bueno for mining which either made people hopeful they’d actually GET a card but it also angered some folks who like to use their GPUs for mining when they’re not gaming. We;ll talk about mining later, but what about Stock?