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Noice problems. Please help


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Jun 21, 2016
Hello i am having trouble with my pc benig to noicy i wounder what it could be non of my parts should be loud and i have stoped every fan when the pc is runing one by one and i cant hear any sound difference.
my first thought was the psu but i dont think that is the problem even when the pc i idle its loud and the sound is not wining more like vibrations but that should not be the case with these specs
Gpu: Gigabyte gtx 970 g1 4gb windforce
Cooler: Coolermaster 212 evo
Psu: Silverstone 850w 80+
Cpu: Amd 8350 4,0ghz
Ram: Ballistic 16gb Ddr3
Motherboard:gigabyte evo 2,0 am3+
Fan: Corsair sp airflow 120 mm
Case: coolermaster cm scout 2
Maybe some of these components are bad but everything is installed properly and there is no damage to the components as far as i can see


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Sep 1, 2009
Halifax, NS
It's really, really hard to diagnose a noisy PC from an online forum.
I wouldn't suggest going in there and stopping every fan to figure out which one is noisy, typically a persons ear would distinguish where it's coming from.. unless your hearing impaired. I knew a guy who used to use his "Bic Fix" - which is taking a Bic pen apart and jamming it in a fan to stop a noisy system fan. Not recommended.

General sources of noise are the fans - CPU, GPU, case fans (typically 1 or 2) and power supply. The other things making noise could be hard drives and optical drives. Sometimes when a hard drive is "on it's way out" it can have a whirring noise. When a DVD drive has a disk in it, it's noisy when it winds up.
If it's a high pitched noise, that's often referred to as "coil whine" typically from the electronics in the power supply. Generally, power supplies get weaker with age and the capacitors and coils on the power supply boards can emit high pitched noises.

Removing the power supply outside of the case is a sure fire way to figure out if it's making noise. Be extremely careful doing so, and if you're a novice tech I wouldn't recommend it really. Then again, it's only 4 screws to disconnect the power supply.. One of those "use at your own risk" types of situations.


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Feb 8, 2010
Southern Ontario
Besides checking the PSU:

Do you have a CD/DVD drive with a disk in it? Some can vibrate a lot.

Check that all Hard drives are securely mounted

What is your computer case sitting on? Could it be something other than the computer?
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