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Completed Northern Lights


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Jul 4, 2012
Donnacona, QC

Background image credit to : Christopher Martin Photography - christophermartinphotography.com

Hi guys! New build here!!!

Last november, I bought the starting pieces of a future X99 build. At that time I bought the board, the CPU, the RAM and the blocks for all those items. I wasn't set on which case I would put it in neither which GPU's would I choose so this project was put on hold.

For the case the choice wasn't easy. And even if I currently did set my mind on a choice and started modding it, I could change my mind at anytime lollll. Back september or october, I bought a Black Phanteks Enthoo Luxe from Snef just because the price was good and I liked the look of the case I didn't have any plans for it. So in the end this is the case I chose. But It would have to be modded to handle the radiators I wanted to put in.

For the GPU's...in the beginning of my brainstorm, I was planning on a 3x GPU setup but wasn't sure about it and didn't even know what I wanted in terms of model. Recently I made my choice and it will be a dual GPU setup!

Last thing I needed was a color scheme and build name. For the colors I must have change as many time as there's color choice of fittings and coolant lollll. At the end, the choice of colors are blue and green! Very bright and vivid.
Upon my research for colors and name, I was doing a little "google images" search for inspiration and encounter the work of a brilliant fellow Canadian photographer by the name of Christopher Martin. He did shoot some AWESOME pictures of Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) in Alberta. I contacted him to tell him how stunning his work was and also if it would be possible to use one of his picture as my build banner. And he agreed!! So my banner this time is very simple. Only the name of the build which is simply "Northern Lights" and Chris's picture in the back. Under the banner, you will find Christopher's website link. Go and check out his work!

As always, I hope you will enjoy this build!

Build setup/parts listing :

  • Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Black (modded to accept the rad config)

  • Gigabyte GA-X99-UD5 WIFI Motherboard
  • Intel i7-5820K CPU
  • G.SKILL Value 32GB (8 x 4GB) DDR4-2133 RAM
  • XFX PRO1000W Ltd Black Edition 1000W 80PLUS Platinum PSU
  • Nvidia GPU's (2x)
  • Samsung 840 250GB SSD

  • Corsair SP140 LED (Purple) 140mm Fans (6x)
  • Corsair SP120 LED (Purple) 120mm Fans (6x)
  • Corsair AF140 LED (Purple) 140mm Fans (1x)
  • Black Ice Nemesis 420GTS Ultra Stealth U-Flow Low Profile Radiator
  • Black Ice Nemesis 360GTX Ultra Stealth Dual-Core Xtreme Profile Radiator
  • EK-XRES 140 D5 Acetal
  • EK-RES X3 - TUBE 250 (204mm)
  • EK-D5 Cover Kit (Black) Acetal
  • EK-RES X3 - Multiport TOP (with 40mm Internal Tube)
  • Swiftech MCP655-PWM-DRIVE D5 PWM Pump
  • EK-HDC Fitting 12mm G1/4 - Blue (22x)
  • Miscellaneous EK-AF Extender in Nickel
  • EK-AF Angled 90° G1/4 Nickel
  • EK-HD Tube 10/12mm
  • EK-Supremacy EVO - Nickel CPU Waterblock
  • EK-FB KIT GA X99 - Nickel Motherboard Waterblock
  • EK-RAM Monarch X4 Clean CSQ - Nickel RAM Block (2x)
  • EK-RAM Monarch Module - Black (2pcs) (4x)
  • EK-FC something - Nickel GPU Waterblock (2x)
  • EK-FC something Backplate - Blue (2x)
  • EK-FC Terminal - Plexi (2x)
  • EK-Ekoolant Pastel GREEN Coolant

Sleeving, lighting and misc.
  • DarkSide HD Cable Sleeving - Aquamarine Blue UV
  • DarkSide HD Cable Sleeving - Green UV
  • DarkSide HD Cable Sleeving - Jet Black
  • Darkside HD Sleeved Sata Data Cable (12") - Green UV
  • Darkside Clear Plexi Cable Combs
  • Phobya Touch 6 Black Fan Controller
  • The Enthoo Luxe comes with an integrated LED ambiant light system so this is covered.

AND........a tease picture of something :biggrin:

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Jul 4, 2012
Donnacona, QC
Update time!

Sorry for the delay but some weeks are more busy than others with my daily work...

Here's a little summary...

First thing, for those who didn't realized yet, the little tease picture was a close-up of one of my brand new GTX Titan X that I received on april 1st!

Also earlier in march I bought myself a new test bench. In the past my bench was a Phobya WaCoolT Benchtable. It's a great bench but it weight a ton so as the time pass I stopped using it because of the weight. One test bench that has always interest me was the one made by Spotswood. When I was in Boston for PAX East I had the chance to share the booth with Rich who's the owner of Spotswood and he's a great guy! So right after I got back from Boston I ordered one right away. I must say that this bench is surpassing what I expected from it. It's light as a feather but still sturdy and it's very well built and versatile!

Here's some pictures of it with my X99/TitanX setup and also my Z97 miniITX which is the heart of my Lady Sif build.

Back to the Titan X's...(sorry Derick ;))

Here's they were in nightly action and still aircooled!

Then they went under water!

Last update and not the least is about the case! I love the Enthoo Luxe size but I felt that a case this size could handle a bit more rad space so I decided to take my friend "Mr. Dremel" on a small adventure....

Here's the case all naked before the surgery

What I wanted to achieve is to be able to put a 360mm rad in the front. The front can already handle a 240mm rad so I only had to "expand" this possibility. Since I only use one 5.25 bay for my fan controller this gives me the space I need to reach my goal.

Here's what it looks like after the surgery

Once the 360 mod was done. I had to mod the top so it can handle my 420mm rad. The Enthoo Luxe is "made" to handle one but it didn't like my Hardware Labs Nemesis by a few millimeters so I made an opening on the top right side of the 5.25 bays and I also enlarged the mounting holes on top and this way the rad now fits.

This is what I have so far. During this week I also receive a package from Dazmode which include the first part of my fittings and also my sleeving. Initially, I was going with the Aquamarine blue but after having it in person, I might order the Dark Blue sleeving to see which blue I will prefer. Because I would have like that the blue was a bit darker.

Pictures will follow very soon!

Take care everyone!!

Father Fuzzy

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Jan 7, 2012
wow dual titan X's
thats alot of gpu power

backplates are slick :thumb:

great stuff Akira


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Sep 4, 2010
Where builder meets hobby. I've always wondered if you just have a nice pile of money to throw at all your builds for fun or if it's through other channels but they're always good to see.


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Jul 4, 2012
Donnacona, QC
Good Lord your builds always blow my mind.
Thanks!! :thumb:

Where builder meets hobby. I've always wondered if you just have a nice pile of money to throw at all your builds for fun or if it's through other channels but they're always good to see.

No I don't have a big pile of money to blow but my work is nicely paid. I try to sell my parts when I dismantle a rig to get a little bit of the money invested in the first place but that's about it.

But I admit this is a very expensive hobby. At least most of my rigs are for folding so in some ways it will help people in the future.



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Jul 4, 2012
Donnacona, QC
OK OK OK!!!!

This build isn't dead!!! lolllllll

Sorry for the lack of work on it for the past months. I had to focus on finishing the Lady Sif build before the end of the competition and after that it was things around the house and daily work that took the place.

But i'm now back at it and will update more frequently. But for those who wonder if I put 2 Titan X on the shelf for nearly 2 months, don't worry they were Folding 24/7 on my test bench.

So here we go...

First for you, I can show you my fans since I receive them from Corsair (8 of them) as a result of a Bit-Tech MOM contest 2nd place.

In this build, there will be 6x SP140 LED and 6x SP120 LED. And of course an AF140 LED for the rear exhaust.

Than I can also show you the ARMY of fittings!!! Blue compression fittings over Nickel adapters.

Some Darkside stop plugs in the mix!!!!

Also, since i'm putting a 360 rad in the front of the Enthoo Luxe, I needed to mod the 2 bottom 5.25" covers to allow some breathing air for the fan that will end up there. But because of how the covers are made, my cutting ended up looking like some stupid floppy disk cutout so i'm killing them. I was looking at some solution and recently I saw something on someone's case and knew that's what I needed. So I asked this person if he had a contact with the case manufacturer and said yes. So I asked him to see if it was possible to buy the parts I wanted separately. And today, I received the news that they would send them to me for free!!! I'm really happy and can't wait to have them.

I also did a cutout on the front piece. Not because there wasn't enough airflow there but only because I wanted to see more of the front fans. Of course the finishing isn't done on the front piece so it's why it looks so rough.

One last thing, the sleeving colors and pattern.

It's a comeback at sleeving by myself because for my last 2-3 builds, the sleeving was done by Ensourced. The XFX isn't easy to sleeve because it has a good amount of split wires but it's not the first time I have to do it so I should survive lolll

The Sleeving is from Darkside and it's UV Green, UV Dark Blue and Jet Black.

The pattern will be like this

Until next time.....take care!


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Jul 4, 2012
Donnacona, QC
Sunday update!

Time to show you the radiators that will cool those Titan X's :)

I decided to try the Nemesis line from Hardware Labs.

I love the rough finish on them and they have received good reviews so far.

During the weekend, I did sleeve the fans and started on the PSU.
The PSU is on halt for a few days since I decided to order some extension cables for the 24 pin and the GPU cables.
I should receive them in a few days and will then be able to resume the sleeving job. So far, only the 8pin CPU is done.

Lovely color combo I must say.

Then it was rads/fans installation time!!

Top 420 in push/pull

Front 360 in push/pull

Inside shot of the front rad

Inside shot of the top rad

Here you can see how tight the 360 is fitted in the front of the Enthoo Luxe. There's about 3-4mm between the floor and the rad!!!

This picture is to show you the ease of the Phanteks cable management hooks and straps! All the reviewers praised them but it's when you experienced it that you really realize how clever they are!!!

Here's what the front currently look. I still need my meshed bay covers that will go in front of the top front fan.

Take care everyone!

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