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Not able to see SSD in windows explorer


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Apr 22, 2011
Hi guys,
I got myself the Seagate SSHD this weekend and installed in the system. Then I formatted the SSD and took it out of the system on a USB to SATA controller to make t , at least temporarily, a transfer drive. When connecting to the PC there is a message that the SSD is there but I cannot see it at all. Disk management says it is there but nothing in win explorer. I tried a second USB to SATA controller, same thing. Irked, I installed the SSD in the system again, on a sata port : BIOS is seeing it, IDE controller does not have AHCI function, is ICH7. What am I doing wrong?

The SSD is seen by the disk management as well, I deleted the volume, recreated with default values, formatted, no dice.

Update II : I did change the SATA port, I did change the SATA cable, BIOS says is there, HD Tune says is there, storage management says is there.

Update III : Ok, my bad, I was not assigning any letter to the drive!
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