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not sure if this is my mb or a windows 7 thing but I get BSOD


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Oct 3, 2007
My mother board is acting strange, when ever I shut down and start up I get BSOD.
A couple of days ago I shut down and removed 4 gb ram to see if I would notice any difference in windows 7 64 bit , When I restarted I got the BSOD, I tried 6 more times and still BSOD.
I went into the bios to check things and the only thing I noticed was the v and timings set for the ram , I reset everything and my pc booted with out a problem.

Yesterday I was working on my HTPC andI needed to use the monitor off of this pc , I shut down unplugged the monitor and plugged it into my HTPC ,did what need to be down on the HTPC, I then plugged it back into the none HTPC , fired it up and the same thing happened, BSOD, I rebooted 3 more times then on the forth I went into the bios, this time did nothing, I exited bios, rebooted and had no problems with the BSOD.
I first noticed something similar on my other windows 7 OS ( on a separate partition) when ever I shut down my pc for even one minute and then tryed to boot I would get the BSOD.
I am wondering is this an motherboard problem , in that when the motherboard cools down it acts up, but then by retrying to boot up the Motherboard , the motherboard then warms up to a point that it actually works.
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Aug 11, 2008
Um....first fix up your post...

I'm using Windows 7 and I'm not getting any BSODs. Check your RAM by running Memtest, and run stress test programs like OCCT or Prime95 to check for system instability. Also make sure that your temperatures are fine and your PSU isn't crapping out or anything like that. That's about all I can think of based on your post.


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Aug 21, 2008
Edmonton Area
By the way I'm reading this post, you're only able to load Windows after you've gone in and out of the BIOS? Might be an issue with the BIOS, or saving BIOS settings?