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Nvidia’s RTX 3000 Ampere Clock Speeds Leaked?! Turing Gets Discontinued and more..


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with Nvidia. It looks like more and more ampere leaks slash rumors are popping up this week and today, we got some of the clock speeds. This information comes from Rogame on twitter. According to his sources, one of the variants of the GA102 chip will feature slightly faster clocks when compared to the 2080TI.

When compared to the 2080ti Founders edition, that’s 195Mhz faster in base and 105 in boost. As is, it doesn’t seem like much. A custom 2080ti, thanks to GPU boost 4.0, and the auto overclocking from Nvidia scanner will often get close to 2Ghz and if you like to play around in afterburner you can even cross it on air cooling alone. But the fact that these clocks are lifted means we might get more out of a custom 3000 card and possibly even more overclocking headroom. After all the current rumors suggest that high-end ampere could ship with 2Ghz + Cards although those are pretty wild rumors.

Now you guys have been asking about the release date for Nvidia next-gen lineup, well, according to a report from IT home, the new cards are launching on September 17th. What’s more is that in the same report, IT home says that Nvidia has stopped production for the 2080ti, 2080, 2070 super and 2070. This means the launch of the 3000 series will look very similar to the 2000 series with the 80 and 70 series releasing first.