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NVIDIA Challenging AMD's Image Quality

The RealRollo

Jun 30, 2010
There was a debate about this on ATi card over at B3d and AnandTech over the summer, I don't think the question is whether ATi is doing this.

The question is whether other websites will ivestigate, post their findings, and thereby force ATi put the AF back in the default settings and leave the shimmering to the lower IQ settings.

The problem is all the initial benches of the 68 series were done with these drivers, so people are buying them based on inaccurate info. A lot of people just buy based on the bar charts in reviews, and assume IQ is normalized.

homo nominem

Oh, so...

this is why Crysis is lit up with texture shimmering like a xmass tree.

This is the 1st and the last time I bought AMD card.