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NVIDIA GeForce LAN Day 1 Coverage

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Feb 26, 2007

NVIDIA GeForce LAN Day 1 Coverage

Earlier in the year NVIDIA announced the latest edition of their GeForce LAN events and PC gamers eagerly grabbed tickets to what promised to be one of North America’s largest LAN parties. Once registration was complete, over 600 people had applied to be part of the 48 hour Bring Your Own Computer LAN and we’re told if more spots could have been opened, they would have likely sold out as well. There was another GeForce LAN being held in Mumbai, India yesterday and supposedly that one was a great success too. NVIDIA calls this a celebration to PC gaming and from our perspective, they really are pulling out all the stops for this one.


The venue for this year’s Geforce LAN is unique to say the least. It is being held aboard the historic aircraft carrier USS Hornet where the entire hangar deck has been converted into a shrine to PC gaming for the next few days. Remember, this is a 250 meter long vessel so there was still enough space for sponsor displays and a few advanced stereoscopic simulators. NVIDIA has even opened up some 400 Navy-issue bunks for gamers who need sleep and we’re told that over 100 people have spent the first night roughing it in true maritime fashion.


With 600 gamers in attendance and more sponsors than we could possibly hope to mention in a single article, the stage was set but NVIDIA had a few more surprises for the attendees. In order to coincide with the event, the next generation of 3D Vision was launched last night. Called 3D Vision 2, it brings a number of new technologies to the table and we had the chance to review it. NVIDIA also had DICE along with their eagerly anticipated Battlefield 3 on the scene and announced number of new multiplayer maps starting off with the Operation Firestorm location (you can see it at the end of the video we have in this article)

Hardware Canucks is there to cover GeForce LAN 2011 but unfortunately, our man on the scene was given the *ahem* white glove treatment by airport security and couldn’t make it to the opening ceremony so we’re using images provided by NVIDIA. As you’ll see below, other than a few minor power failures the setup phase went off without a hitch and the keynotes quickly commenced.

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