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NVIDIA GTX 680 2GB Review Comment Thread


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Jan 17, 2008
Langley, BC
Still not a single 680 available on Newegg currently. Glad Canucks could even handedly commend Nvidia on their superiority over AMD in launch day availability, despite the fact there was none.
There's cards to be found out there, but the more popular e-tailers sold out very quickly. Gives you a pretty good idea that most buyers liked the price point of this card.


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Apr 13, 2008
Edmonton, AB
Dammit, I want.

But the thing is I would have to sell my 580's and then get the 680's and at this point it would only save me some power. But that said I would still like them.

@3.0charlie 000003, that is really cool, third off the line.

Laughing Squid

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Mar 23, 2012
VR-Zone's results are a little different from what has been reported elsewhere. They OC'ed both the 7970 and 680, resulting in similar performance in some places and then alternately beating each other in different benchmarks and games. They did most of their testing at 1920x1080, the results of which may or may not translate to higher resolutions. Gamers buying cards in this class would presumably OC them, so it would have been nice to have seen 7970 OC results in Canucks' charts.

Thanks for the review! I'm glad I waited on purchasing a 7970, it will be nice to see price wars as a win for consumers. I'm sure the 580 I have currently doesn't even need replacement! :whistle:
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Jan 18, 2008
midland, ontario
You know, i am for the most part a loyalist to the red camp but still open minded. BUT when someone whom is a adamant nvidia fanboy ALSO thinks something smells rotten in denmark I think that tells you something. :whistle: :clap: :thumb:

I agree with the thought/theory that this is a band aid/cash grab move by nvidia vs amd. A Ti version of this with the compute cores will come out, push the 680 cheaper to as sugested price.

The ONLY win here is there own fixing of the 1 thing like I said thats ALWAYS been there problem ... heat/wattage. Only taken them how long now to do so .... :whistle:

And for those calling this card some kinda dominate winner vs 7970's i think you's are all doin the :bananafunky:if you's think so. :doh: :shok: :whistle: This isnt a :thumb: on this card .... its more of a :blarg: :whistle:.

The ONLY :thumb: in this situation is competition for our $'s causing it to hopefully get the 2 companies into a price war with each other.

I have to say that this can't be the real flagship card for Nvidia.

If it is, it's extremely lackluster in performance, sure it has excellent performance/watt, but not overall performance.

Nvidia was saying how they are not impressed with AMD's new architecture and core, yet this supposed flagship can at best beat it with ~12%.

Also it has exactly the same bandwidth of previous generation, and ONLY has that because it overclocks the memory higher, if they didn't it would have a LOWER bandwidth.

Here comes the real meat of why this is a serious UNDER-performer compared to previous "new" generation architectures.

The 480 Fermi flagship card, beats the previous generation flagship card the 285 (an actual refresh card from the flagship 280) by a whopping 66% on average.

THIS card barely beats IT'S previous generation card (stated in this review) by 36%.

I am actually perplexed by why Hardware Canucks reviewer doesn't delve deeper into this, why doesn't he speculate why they have such a low bandwidth and a step-back in bus speed from 384 to 256-bit?

Nvidia has said all along that this Kepler is one of the best architectures they have EVER made in wins and performance etc.
How is this not screaming right in the face of everyone, especially PROFESSIONAL reviewers that something doesn't add up.

Seriously, 36% vs 66%, that is almost DOUBLE the performance difference.

What about the fact that this card was supposedly named GTX670ti, IE NOT a flagship naming for the card.
Also, Die-size, bandwidth, bus-speed all screams of mainstream performance card and NOT top-end card.

I would like to have seen the reviewer addressing these things and actually pose these questions in his review.

Also beating AMD's TOP card by 12% when AMD themselves can't even beat the previous generation GTX580 by more than 20-25%, that doesn't spell YAY what a success, it spells pretty weak performance.

Also several tests/reviews have shown that the 7970 sits on par (basically) with the GTX680 when they OC the cards (both of them).
Then you have the multiple monitor evidence, here you have a card that beats AMD by 12% yet loses out in multiple monitor tests.

Yet you still call this a "flagship" card.

Has everyone lost their understanding of what that means? It means the best they have to offer.

This is nothing but THIS generations "GTX 560ti" card, renamed to GTX680.
The price they ask for this card is horrendous it should be priced at $399, where is the GK110 REAL flagship card? That one should cost $600 and it's little brother (aka 570 version equivalent of this generation) should cost $500.

This is nothing but Nvidia passing off the mid/lower top end card as THE top-end card and charge accordingly.

Reviewers show some responsibility and acknowledge these things.
How can you call this card a "win" when it offers half the performance increase compared to almost ALL other architectures Nivida has done in previous generations between them.

Also, as a Disclaimer I'm an Nividia Fanboy, I have only ever bought Nvidia cards since over a decade and a half.

Starting with the very first Geforce card.
I'm getting another Nvidia card soon since I am upgrading, but this card rubs me the wrong way, and I feel annoyed by all reviewers that completely ignore this Big elephant in the room of all the things I said above.

You could have said that it is awesome performance/watt change in their architecture, but where is the real performance increase between generations? Where is the larger bandwidth.

No one in their right mind could ever think this is the best Nvidia has to offer, that they would put all their cards (pun) in one basket and hope to beat AMD with a 294mm die size chip, with a 256-bit bus with the same bandwidth as a GTX580.

Just like I felt super buyers remorse buying the GTX470 right away and then 5 months later the GTX580/570 coming out with same price but much more performance etc etc.

Can anyone here begin to imagine the increase of their REAL flagship card GK110 that might have a 512-bit bus and 50% MORE performance over the GTX680.
THEN people will realize that Nivdia pulled the wool over the face.

Long rant I know, but seriously where is the journalism here?

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