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Nvidia HITS BACK at Miners With RTX 3060!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with Nvidia. If you’re someone in the market for a new GPU, you know that times are pretty hard. The miners are trying to snatch all the GPUs and all the scalpers are doing the same and then selling them at twice the price to the miners. For cards that were literally built for the PC gamer in mind. It just isn’t used for that purpose these days.

Not only that, but you have tone-deaf companies like Zotac, getting high on their own supply. The company tweeted this picture, with Zotac cards in full mining position with the caption “ an Army of Zotac gaming GPU’s hungry for coin” Now, sure, its probably a customer’s rig, but still. So tone-deaf.

Anyways, we might have son REALLY good news for GPU supply. NVIDIA’s stepping up with an answer that could get more cards into the hands of actual gamers….maybe.