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Nvidia Working on ANOTHER RTX 3080 With 12GB of VRAM! AMD RX 6700 Spotted!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let’s get started with Nvidia. Despite the lack of availability in the public, the company is still testing out GPUs internally. And no I’m not talking about the midrange slash low-end market, but well get back to that, I’m talking about the RTX 3080 ti, or whatever they decide to call it in the end.

Late last year, after the release of the RTX 30 series and the 6000 series from AMD, rumors started popping up about an RTX 3080 with twice the VRAM. Originally, the specs were similar to the original RTX 3080, but things changed as time passed. Eventually, the rumors of this higher-end RTX 3080 settled at the same Cuda core count as the RTX 3090, that’s 82 SM’s for 10 496 Cuda cores and 20GB of GDDR6X.

Well, it looks like Nvidia is still tinkering with this model since a new spec has just popped up. According to Kopite 7 Kimi over on Twitter, who leaked a multitude of juicy information, the RTX 3080 ti would actually be a tiny bit less powerful than the previous leaks. It would feature 80SM’s. So 2 fewer than the RTX 3090, that’s 10240 Cuda cores and would be equipped with