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NVIDIA Wows With BFGD: 65-inch 4K 120Hz G-SYNC HDR Monitor


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Nov 8, 2006

Lately, NVIDIA has gotten extremely good at keeping their future announcements secret. For example, absolutely nobody expected them to unveil the beastly Titan V, the most powerful graphics card ever created for the PC. It appears that they have managed to stay under the radar again, and we suspect that there will be similar levels of shock and awe at this latest announcement.

During their Sunday night keynote address at CES 2018, NVIDIA took the wraps off the Big Format Gaming Display concept, otherwise known as BFGD. This is a 65-inch monitor that checks off all of the must-have gaming monitor features: 4K resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, G-SYNC variable refresh technology, and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Oh, and just to repeat, it is TV-sized at sixty-five freakin' inches large.

Now this isn't the first time that NVIDIA has unveiled some amazing new monitor concept at CES. They did so last year with the reveal of the first G-SYNC HDR monitors, which were 'mere' 27-inch 4K displays with G-SYNC, HDR, and ultra-fast 144Hz refresh rates. Two models were announced by ACER and ASUS, however neither has actually hit the retail channel yet (expected Q1 2018). Nevertheless, that doesn't damper our enthusiasm towards today's announcement.

Based on their deep past and current relationship, we strongly suspect that NVIDIA has been working in coordination with AU Optronics – one of the largest TFT-LCD panel manufacturers – to develop this huge new panel. Although the announcement was light on technical specifications, what we do know is that this 65-inch panel has a 4K resolution, runs at a fast 120Hz refresh rate, and it should obviously have a very low input latency. We strongly suspect that it is most likely a VA-type panel and not IPS based. Nevertheless, wide viewing angles are a given for this type of display. The panel features a full-array backlight with an unknown number of individually-controllable LED zones, a peak brightness of 1000 nits, Quantum Dot technology, and a wide colour gamut that should follow the DCI-P3 cinema standard.

Not to be overlooked, the BFGD also features a built-in NVIDIA SHIELD. This not only increases the display's capabilities as an entertainment hub, but also allows for voice and smart home control via the integrated Google Assistant. The G-SYNC HDR technology has been designed to support video playback at native cinema framerates (23.976, 24, 25 FPS), which should further increase the viewing experience of video content.

Although we lack technical details, and have no information with regard to pricing (Hint: Pricey!), NVIDIA has stated that availability is expected sometime this summer.

In the mean time, three of NVIDIA's partners have already unveiled CGI renders of their BFGD models which you can check out below:

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