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Nvidia's RTX 4080 Isn't as Bad as we Thought!


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Oct 2, 2006

Let's get started with Nvidia, for a while now, we’ve known that the next generation of GPUs would be power hogs. We’ve heard about the 800W monster that nvidia was testing, and a lot of the information we got over the last year pointed at some high-end GPUs pushing all the way to 450 watts for AMD, and 600W for Nvidia. Right now, the highest TDP of any gaming GPU is the 3090ti. Its a whopping 450W, and because of that 3090ti, it seemed like those insane 600W figures were possible. I mean we even got a new power connector for these high power models that can deliver up to 600W. That’s the 16 pin power connector that showed up early this year.

Now though, with some recent leaks by kopite7kimi, it seems like things won't be as bad as we thought. I'm not saying that we’re going to get efficient GPU's but it's not going to be as much of a space heater. So let's check out whaAccording to his most recent leak, the RTX 4080 would have 9728 Cuda cores, 16GB of gddr6X memory at
23Gbps, and the total card power would sit at 340W. So only 20 watts above the 3080 or an increase of about 6%. t he updated.

The old leaks used to put the RTX 4080 at around 420W, so that’s a significant improvement. Now I just want to mention something real quick. Many people are quick to say that kopite7Kimi is basically just making these specs out of thin air, but he really isn't. He was one of the most accurate leakers back with the RTX 3000 series, even leaking the RTX 3080 20GB, which was later found in the wild as an engineering sample, and he leaked the RTX 3080 12GB. Nvidia really does test many many configurations before settling on their lineup. For all we know, the RTX 4080 at 420W just didn't make sense in performance per watt, but at 340w it's a good balance.

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