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NZXT Switch 810 Special Edition Review


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Feb 26, 2007
You’ll be forgiven if there’s a sense of déjà vu right about now. Yes, we’ve already reviewed NZXT’s excellent and very popular Switch 810 full tower case but the new Special Edition begs for another look. While the exterior and interior design hasn’t changed, NZXT has replaced the original version’s high gloss piano black paintjob with a sexy looking soft-touch matte finish. There are some other, very minor additions as well but with a price premium of only $10 to $15 over the standard version, this case should be on your short list.

We love it when manufacturers listen to their paying customers and that’s exactly what NZXT did here. The newest version of the Switch 810 is no longer scratch, fingerprint magnet that its sibling is and it doesn’t look nearly as cheap. Remember, this is a full tower case so the amount of desk space it uses up is nothing short of epic but the new finish does give it a somewhat stealth look.

Unfortunately, using pure matte finishes is never easy and NZXT has run into a few small issues here. Due to the combination of metal sides alongside plastic front and top panels, there is an obvious colour difference between the two materials as each distributes paint in a different way.


At $179, the Switch 810 Special Edition isn’t all that much more expensive than its sibling but believe it or not, the new finish brings along a few additional benefits as well. Due to the numerous coats of paint necessary to evenly coat the case, the matte finish actually serves to reinforce the 810’s somewhat flimsy side panels.


NZXT has retained the original Switch 810’s innovative internals which means it supports motherboards up to XL-ATX size and massive graphics cards that are up to 14” in length. There is also a stunning amount of ventilation options with fans that –in some cases at least- can be rotated to direct airflow towards hot running components. However, the primary focus has been put upon providing adequate options for water cooling setups with room for a pair of 240mm radiators.

In terms of cable routing, we couldn’t have asked for more. There are grommets aplenty while cable tie notches allow for quick and easy routing. Creating a clean, clutter-free build in this case should be a breeze for anyone.


The innovative approach has continued onto the Switch 810 Special Edition’s flip side as well. NZXT has included a handy Velcro mounted fan hub that can house up to 7 fans, thus further simplifying cable routing. SSD mounting has been fixed as well with the inclusion of the necessary mounts.

All in all, NZXT’s Special Edition may not be anything new but this case really didn’t need much in order to be one step close to perfection. It is highly practical, provides plenty of space to work in and incorporates several innovative features which have been designed to make our lives easier. The new finish is just icing on an already very appealing cake.

You can find our full video review below:

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