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OC E8400


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Dec 28, 2019

All the manuals for OCing on the net are for P5QL PRO.
This is my first overclock so i wanna make sure i dont mess anything up.
I found this: (for P5QL pro)
Under AI Tweaker Menu

Set FSB Frequency to 400mhz
Set PCIE Frequency to 100
Set FSB Strap to Northbridge to 400mhz
Set DRAM frequency to 400mhz

DRAM = Memory

Now i cant find FSB Frequency
Cant find PCIE frequency
Found FSB Strap to Northbridge
DRAM frequency - it (BIOS) says if i put it under 667, it may result as a boot up failure.
So any help would be welcome.
And yes i know i also have to change voltages.
Ok i just found out that the 2 BIOSes are different.
Okay EVERYBODY has Pro or P5QL-E so im hopeless!
I have no idea how to overclock with P5QL
Im utterly shocked about how left out this mobo is.
Okay i could overclock, but after the exit bios restart my PC wouldnt boot into windows and said i have to insert Windows CD and repair windows... sup with that?
So i changed back to stock settings and it booted right away.


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Dec 15, 2007
Im no pro but, you should be able to find fsb frequency somewhere in the bios.
Set your ram to a 1 to 1 ratio.
Start pushing the FSB up, start with 380 FSB (i think your cpu multiplier is 9?) that would give you 3.4ghz oc.
If it doesnt boot, bump up the vcore voltage. If it still doesn't start, bump up the northbridge voltage (use small increments)
Keep doing that till it boots into Windows.
Once in Windows, test it with prime95 while monitoring your temps.
Keep bumping up the fsb and adjusting vcore and nb voltages until your no longer able to remain stable or cool then reverse the oc a little till you are stable and cool.
By bumping the FSB up you will also be overclocking the ram, you might need a bitmore volts there too.
There are alot of old threads on hwc that go into much more detail.
Read here for my adventure with a q9550 (also a 775 chip)
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Jun 4, 2012
It's a tough time to try this mobo.
my advice move on.
i know it sounds lame as advice but the people who actually had a bios revision for you might not even be part of the community anymore.
i'm not joking when i say that. you will have to figure it all out yourself with no help if you want to keep benching this setup.


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Apr 22, 2011
Yes, you will have to take it in small steps, just because it can do the 400 MHz strap doesn't mean it will function from the first try as well. You would get a lot more performance if you would get a modified Xeon X5460 for upgrade, just make sure you have enough cooling, these are 120W cpus. Ebay