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Official BIOS Zotac frozen my card ZT-50204-10M


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Jan 17, 2012
Hello, I'm Matthew Kurowski aka thebrainn1986 on Twitter. From Poland:)

I did update BIOS Zotac company official, who had to fix everything with DX11 and increase the tension a little. I ended up including the clocks are frozen at 0MHZ. Of course I made no backup :( I know I've done terribly:) I do not know may owe ID or SUB ... it can also bad hash ... I have no idea
Specification of the card plus all the digits:
Zotac GTX570AMP! Edition 1280MB DDR5 320BIT

RoHS N114500029289

This is all number's I found

It may be that the latter need the same card and it will need to copy the BIOS, but I can not Find an anyone who would had. Zotac also weakly copes, they told me to give guarantees and get new, then what seemed to update bios gpu who crusting, and it was their own cards.

I apologize for my English still am continuously learning :)

If you can send me please {[email protected]} directly from the same card:) I serching google, none BIOS does not work all is mod:(