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Want to Sell (or trade) Gigabyte Aorus Gaming Box 1080


May 5, 2007
Montreal, Canada
I have a Graphics Amp for my AW 17 R3. I never got it to work. I might be interested in your Gaming Box. Can the GPU in it be changed easily in the future?
The 1080 that's in there could be used in a system using a riser or an uncluttered motherboard, but i can't guarantee the latter since it's a very large unshrouded fan. Pretty much any itx GPU could go in the box easily as well, just check dimensions to be certain.
I've heard some people use the GPU that comes with these boxes in other systems and then put in slightly less powerful reg GPUs inside the enclosure. Their reasoning (i think) is that you get a 1080 for a good price, and can use the eGPU to boost something like a MS Surface. And with a less powerful GPU in there, the whole thing will run quieter and cooler and you could probably even disconnect the extra fans to make it whisper quiet.
(I've replied to your pm btw)

If I had something worthy of trade, I would CM.

Alas, I'm poor these days lol. Rescuing Puppies takes a lot of capital.

And Fitbrit, it looks like it's removable, you'd just have to find something that fits inside of it again.

If Fitbrit doesn't take it I'll shoot you a pm. Known ya long enough that i certainly wouldn't mind taking a bit less in trade if it helps you out.

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