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Over tightened motherboard screws?


Apr 14, 2015
Yes check its voltage output. I would not be surprised if its out of spec. Sadly you wont see ripple without an O-scope. I would be shocked if its ripple was IN spec. Sirtec psu's dont have a sterling reputation for QA and longevity. They are either very good or garbage.

I honestly like OCZ SSDs. BUT I would not trust a OCZ branded PSU.

In either case sorry to hear about your prob...but I doubt if overtightened screws are going to cause any probs - its your PSU's ripple killing the parts.
I am away from the computer for the next week but I'll check it when I get back. I think I did check when my old motherboard failed and I believe it did check out. I can't seem to find the voltages I noted though. If I am in acceptable ranges with the voltages should I still be considering shelling out for a new PSU? It does seem very fishy to have some many hardware failures in such a short period of time... On a different note what are consider "premium" PSU's these days? I would assume CORSAIR and EVGA would be safe bets right?

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