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PC Mechanic's sneak peek at Firefox 3


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Dec 2, 2006
Okanagan Falls, British Columbia
Firefox is the second most popular browser on the internet. PCMech visitors are particularly fond of Firefox. Judging by our site statistics, about 42% of all of our visitors are using Firefox. But, we are all (hopefully) using version 2. What’s coming in version 3? Let’s look and find out.

What’s New?
Like any new version of a program, the major goals are increased stability and security. But, Mozilla has the goal of “Delivering the right set of features - not too many or too few. (The goal is to create a useful browser, not a minimal browser.)”. So, what is new that will be useful?

Places. This new feature will provide a new, enhanced way for organizing your bookmarks. One of the newest components of this is tagging. Tagging is very “Web 2.0″ and essentially means you assign a keyword or keywords to the bookmark to describe it to you. By grouping bookmarks by tags, you can organize your bookmarks in new ways. You will also be able to bookmark saved searches.
Malware Detection. Mozilla is working with Google to implement a feature that will warn a user when they are visiting a site which might try to install some malware to your computer.
Unified Content Handling. Instead of using different dialog boxes to deal with different types of content, Mozilla will try to unite them into a single dialog that provides the user with all relevant options on handling that content.
Detecting Microformats.
Changing the Location Bar. They are contemplating removing the favicon (the small icon which is displayed just to the left of the URL) as well as greying out the entire URL EXCEPT for the the domain name itself. Not sure how useful this will be, and I kind of hate to see the favicon go.
Private Browsing. Puts the browser into a mode where you can surf around and no information about the browsing session is stored (such as history, cache, etc).
Improvements to the Password Manager
Support for offline web-based applications. Perhaps browser support for Google Gears?

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