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[PC] Want Sanyo Eneloops Pre-charged batteries for cheap????


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Mar 23, 2008
You can also look at PowerEx Imedion batteries, been using PowerEx batteries for 5+ years. You can get some at Canada Computers or Paul's Finest (I've gotten all of my batteries there because its quite recent that they are sold elsewhere in Canada). They also have a higher mAh rating than the PC ones displayed. My Imedion batteries are a few years old, they are 2100 mAh.

Its been a while since I looked at those things, but originally what brought me to PowerEx (Maha) was the fact that their batteries had the consistently the best (or some of the best) accuracy in their mAh rating and because they also make Maha chargers (which at the time were also some of the best chargers (that was before the LaCrosse charger became popular, now I don't know how they fare against each other).

Edit: OMG, I am posting after a thread necromancer, not sure if I should delete or leave the info posted. :angry2: