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Phanteks Enthoo EVOLV ATX Review


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Feb 26, 2007
Phanteks has shown what it takes to move from never having a case in their lineup to boasting some of the best enclosures available. Much of their success comes from a relatively simple formula: they listen to what buyers are looking for and then deliver in spectacular fashion. That’s exactly what the new Enthoo EVOLV ATX case sets out to accomplish once again.

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The EVOLV ATX certain’y isn’t an expensive case with its $180 price tag putting it firmly into the upper echelons of ATX-sized pricing. However, Phanteks have paid the utmost to build quality, details and ease of installation. Considering this case follows the footsteps of the Enthoo Primo, Enthoo EVOLV ITX and original EVOLV, there are some extremely high expectations.

As with its predecessors, the EVOLV ATX is a striking case but at the same time, due to a gunmetal grey exterior it is actually quite subtle in its approach as well. That exterior is coated with a specialized anodized coating that has been infused with metalized flecks. It looks amazing.

Build quality is top notch as well with all of the edges sanded down to absolute smoothness and every panel is made up of extremely thick yet lightweight aluminum. While it may look like the other EVOLV cases, we can’t really complain about that since there something timeless about the design.

That gently beveled front panel is sits slightly proud of its supports to insure adequate intake airflow and hides the two included 140mm fans. Behind this area there’s room for yet another 140mm fan between panel and intake fans which makes the EVOLV compatible with front-mounted triple radiators.

Each of the side panels boasts a handy hinge system yet is still removable, a feature we are seeing more and more of lately. One of the panels includes a large side panel window with a smoked finish that somehow prevents scratches where the EVOLV’s competitors tend to get scratched up by simply looking at them.

The interior is surprisingly barren, though the dual chamber design does allow of effective segregation of components. Naturally, as with all things Phanteks, there’s an eye towards water cooling here as well with reservoir / pump mounting strips, room for at least two triple-bay radiators and more than enough space to route a ton of tubing. Dust filters abound as well.

At first glance it looks like Phanteks conveniently forgot the HDD caddy since there’s room for two HDDs or SSDs in the lower chamber while the typical space reserved for drives is empty. Luckily, storage enthusiasts will still have plenty of options since there’s an innovative drive mounting system which uses individual drive holders that can be placed wherever you want behind the two intake fans. It’s an interesting addition but there are only three included brackets.

Another interesting addition is a handy removable top fan mounting plate, making radiator installation a breeze.

Behind the motherboard tray is more than enough space for cable routing and there are even some handy Velcro straps for tying everything down. For anyone looking for additional storage space without messing up the clean looking interior, there’s a pair of SSD brackets here as well. Did we mention the incuded PWM fan hub that supports up to six fans? Yup, that’s here too.

Installation was a breeze but we wouldn’t expect anything else from Phanteks at this juncture. What as appreciated is the toolbox which has individual compartments for all the unused screws, spacers and tie-downs.

Make sure to watch our full video review above for the full rundown of this great looking case.
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