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Pixel 4a users


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Jun 11, 2010
613 Ontario
Any 4a users here? I'm wondering how the reception is on the phone. I can tell my MiA1 phone has never had great reception in the building I work at or in my basement, but the realme x2 I used for a month had fantastic reception, that was one of the few good things about it. Before i pull the trigger on the 4a I'm curious on a few things.


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Jul 16, 2007
Toronto, ON
I wouldn't anticipate the 4a (or any Pixel) to have signal issues as they are validated by all our Canadian carriers here (who also sell them). Signal issues are really only with the imported phones where they haven't been tested by anyone in Canada (officially). Also depends on your carrier too, depending how many towers they have nearby and which frequencies are being used.

If I recall, the Mi A1 was missing a few bands too for 4G/LTE, so that's likely why you had poor signal. I had bought one for my dad though and just set it to 3G only and it seems to have been serving him fine.