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Please Help DSL Problem


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Mar 17, 2007
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for the sanity of us all i have attempted to fix the formatting into a more readable format but i don't have the time to correct your grammar though.

posted by original poster

please Take Time To Read And Give Ideas

i Am Hoping Someone Has Had Same Problem or Knows Someone Who Has Or Can Direct me To A Web Site That Can Help

last Year I Had A Problem With My Dsl from 295.ca (dsl Reseller) bell Ca Phone line.
what Happened Was Click On Web Site took Forever To Load And Most Sites with Password Would Not Load Page Would Be Redirected Before Being Loaded and Microsoft Update Would Not Update get Error 0x80072ee2 and Could Not Open Hotmail.com would Redirect Page

thinking It Was A Software Problem i Contacted Microsoft And A “it” Tech
from Microsoft Had Control Of My Computer For More Than 3 1/2 Hours And Could Not Fix Problem
So He Said He Would send It To Higher Up In Microsoft To See if They Could Fix It. 3 Days Later Turned On computer And It Was Fixed (took 3 Months In All) and Microsoft Would Not Reply To E-mails

i Reloaded Xp O/s Went To Firefox And Sandboxie Thinking It May Be Virus Spyware Ect.

it Started All Over Again 6 Months Ago could Not Open Hotmail.com Could Not update Microsoft Same Error 0x80072ee2 could Not Open Password Protected Sites page Would Be Redirected

took Forever To Load Any Pages all The Same also Hook Up Other Computers Same Thing connect Them To Other Dsl Or Rogers Ok contacted Microsoft And Tried All Their fixs Nothing.

In End Send Them E-mail about First Time Then Do Not Reply Back on March 28,2008 Lost My Dsl On Modem got Power Lite And Dsl Light No Acct Or Ethernet Light Speedstream Modem take Filter Off Phone Could Hear Dial Tone and Dsl Tone on March 31 Phoned 295.ca Tech Support (talked To 3 Persons For 15 Min. Total Over 31/2 Hours Kept Getting Hung Up On first Person I Talked To Told Me To Check my Modem (i Have 2 Because First Time I Though It Was My Modem Was Burnt Out it Was Ok) she Turned Off My Dsl only Power Light On No Dsl,acct,Ethernet Lights no Dsl Tone On Phone last Person Said My Modems Ok.

Seeing As I Had No Internet I Hook Up Old computer It Had A Dial Up Modem And Set Up For Dial Up It Would Update Microsoft open Hotmail.com All Ok On Dial Up so I Hook Up My New Computer Same Thing on Dial Up Ok It`s Would I Am Using To Send this does Anyone Know How A dsl Reseller(295.ca) Could Do This? or Bell Ca Phone Line??

live In Apt. And Bell Would Be In Phone box Time To Time To Reconnect Other Dsl lines As People Move Out And People Move in i Have Had This Problem For More Than A Year More Months Screwed Up Than Things Right i Need To Know Answer Do I Stay With 295.ca Because Of Problem Can Be Fixed and Not Come Back or Go With Rogers Cable Or Bell.ca Dsl 295.ca Was Great Dial Up For Less

i Really Like An Answer

thanks For Reading And For Any Help Wayne

Jack Rabbit

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Sep 9, 2007
Toronto, ON
You can have already ruled out your computer because it works fine on dial up and your modem because you have two and neither works.

The next step is to verify the wiring you are responsible for is good. The equipment inside your apartment from the demarcation jack is your responsibility (or that of the landlord). Check out the Bell support page about troubleshooting this and make sure everything is good.

From the description it sounds like there is something wrong with your loop. If the problem is with the DSL equipment "behind the wall" (from the demarcation jack to the DSLAM) switching providers will not change that. All that equipment belongs to Bell and the resellers just, well, resell access to it. Switching to Cable would "fix" it; that is assuming the cable equipment behind the walls in your apartment is good. I know some people who lived in large apartment buildings and DSL was a constant problem for them because the buildings were very poorly wired.

Bell technicians have special tools to test the quality of the DSL signal at your jack. I would contact your reseller and demand they send out a tech to test the line and fix the loop. You will have to go through their troubleshooting process of testing your PC and modem first. They will not want to send someone because they do not actually have technicians to send; they have to contact Bell and get Bell to send the technician and this cost them money. If they are not willing to help you then you should probably switch to another provider and find one with a good reputation for customer service.