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Please help me troubleshoot this annoying sound


Mar 11, 2009
As you have noticed this is a very long post and I would really appreciate if you can help me fix this annoying problem. I've tried diagnosing it several times but still can't find which component is causing the sound. Help is very much appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

My friend's computer is emitting a weird buzzing/clicking sound.It is extremely annoying and seems to be coming from around the CPU area. There is a beep code when the computer boots. To me it sounds like 3 beeps but to my friend it sounds like 5 beeps. After doing some Google-ing it says that 3 beeps = RAM problem and 5 beeps = CPU problem.

Something worth noting is that my friend has a i3 2100 CPU which has onboard video and therefore there is no PCIE GPU installed. My friend is using the MSI H61M-P21 (B3) motherboard.

So... Here are the things I've diagnosed

1. I've asked Intel about the CPU and they said that the CPU can't emit sounds because it has no moving parts so the 5 beep code thing is cleared.

2. I've tested the RAM (2x2GB) in Memtest and ran it several times and it passed everything hence clearing the 3 beep code thing. I've also tried putting RAM from my own computer into the sound emitting computer and the sound still persists.

3. I tore out the PSU from the case but the sound is not coming from the PSU.

4. I've unplugged the 4pin CPU fan plug while the computer is running but the sound is noticeably there.

5. I've check the motherboard capacitors and none of them seem to be puffy and about to blow.

The conclusion that I've come up with is that the Motherboard is the cause of the problem. But that's just my very own opinion. Please tell me your opinion on this issue.

We don't care about getting an RMA no more we just want to find out which component is causing that annoying sound and replace it. Once again... Thanks for taking your time to read this essay and for helping out.


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Feb 23, 2008
use a hose and funnel to locate sound by placing 1 end of tubing on ear and shove funnel in other end to act as megaphone, now be a doctor with stethoscope, probe around till find source of annoyance
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Feb 26, 2010
If it's coming from the CPU socket area it could be coil whine. If it only happens during low/idle CPU load you can try disabling all power savings options in the BIOS. Otherwise you'll have to RMA with MSI or try a different PSU/mobo.


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Mar 17, 2011
Bowmanville ON
Power up the computer and watch the cpu fan. Does it spin at all? If it does not spin tell your friend to go and grab an aftermarket heastsink/fan. Here is a great cheap one: CM Hyper 212


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Jan 7, 2011
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Is the Motherboard loose. all screws tight? What about the PSU fan. Any other fans like case fans? Also, make sure no discs are in the drives. And when trouble shooting. Check the HDD as well. Try one thing at a time. Good luck!!!!

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