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Please help with RAM replacement!


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Dec 29, 2019
Not far from Toronto, not far enough!
Happy Happy, the new RAM is in and seems fine. I'll XMP it later on. I tried some BF 2042 and that's back to working great with 32 GB RAM. With the one stick of 16 GB RAM it was unplayable! What an ordeal for me a novice when compared to you pros but geez was I down in the dumps over this ordeal. I ran the gambit from not being able to post to figuring out the one stick of RAM went bad to my BIOS reverting to F31 from F36 to disassembly of CPU/CPU Cooler/GPU/NVME's and doing a Q flash to get BIOS back!!! Way outside of my comfort zoneo_O
In large part I have this website to thank and it's many fine members!!!

Thanks, Cheers:)

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