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Plex from WD Essentials and Router?


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Sep 25, 2011
St. Louis, MO USA
This is the major reason I moved away from Plex and to Kodi. I tried to make a similar setup work using a dedicated media server and several Western Digital LiveTV! boxes. Transcoding was always an issue. As a long time member of forums like AVSForum I've since come to the conclusion that if you have to transcode then there's something wrong with your setup.

What you SHOULD do is pick a video format and an audio format that is supported by your media player and re-encode all of your content. I know that sounds like a laborious task, but it's really your best solution. Then you can do as you ask and just mount the NFS file share from the router to your media player.

My solution to the problem mirrors what JD said. I have a central file server (Qnap TS-451 NAS) connected to my network. I use that stream content to my 3 nVidia Shield TV boxes. I rip all of my BluRays using MakeMKV and leave them in their native audio and video formats.

The Shield really is a vastly underrated piece of kit. Supports EVERY streaming platform (Netflix, Hulu, Prime, HBO Go, Disney+, Plex, Kodi, YouTube, etc), runs Android so you can install pretty much anything you want on it, and has enough hardware to play back anything natively without needing transcoding at all. Having a wireless keyboard for searching helps to.

I vote with JD, get the Shield box. You'll be extremely happy you did. I've had mine for at least 5+ years and they just keep working.


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May 18, 2011
pi 4 barely runs Plex. Watched a review and while it worked ok it wasn't great. A good Nuc might do it with a usb3 portable drive. Routers don't work well for Plex for a few reasons and you can google to that info to get more detailed reasons why. In the end a laptop with the plex server, a chromecast ultra, and a storage drive for the movies will work.

The only challenge you'll have from time to time is the networking. Some hotels have really good IT guys and shut stuff down. Other places not so much. When I run into this I just use my cell phone and setup a network to get things running. I have 20 gigs of data on my mobile plan so its tough to use it all. I think you'd find it barely uses any data to setup a temporary network to run movies on plex.

Then, sit back and relax, your cellphone is now your movie player/remote control.

My current plex server is an AMD 6600 APU. No issues.
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