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Possible hard disk problems


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Feb 25, 2012
Hey all, my friend is having computer problems and I've never heard of anything like this before, so I need some advice.

Problem: Computer is running as normal and will randomly lock up completely. During games the display will freeze and not change,
no new sounds of whats happening until it unlocks, though game music continues until the end of the track. During web browsing,
he can still manipulate web pages like minimizing and maximizing, scrolling up and down, and watching youtube videos until they hit
the end of the buffered video. Game lockups are more likely to happen in the menu, and sometimes don't happen at all during gameplay.
Lockups are more frequent if there is something running in the background like a youtube video or talking to people on discord/skype.

Comp specs:
gtx 1070
AMD FX 6300
ASROCK 970 extreme 3
GSkill 2x4gb sticks
Win7 Home Premium 64bit
1tb HDD

Monitoring his computer while idle showed a spike in hard drive use on the windows process monitor while the lockups
were happening, which led me to think it was a dying hard drive. Could this be the problem?


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Feb 8, 2010
Southern Ontario
I suspect that the hard drive spike is a symptom of the problem.

On-board sound or sound card?

Are the motherboard drivers up to date?

What NVidia software has been installed - bare bone custom or default 'the works' ? If he's going to re-install drivers, make it a clean and custom install of just what's needed.